Jan 6, 2012

Susan Brown

Name: Susan Brown
Grade Year: Senior
Degree: B.A. in Human Services
Major(s): Human Services
Hometown: Streamwood, IL
What’s the best thing about being a student at Columbia College?: In-seat night classes
How do you serve your community, your college, or your country?: Volunteering—at the local elementary school, church, stocking food pantries, clothing drives, and fundraising in general.
If you could design a course at Columbia College for fun, what would it be called?: A.B.C.’s of College Life and What to Expect When It’s Over
What do you value most in life?: My family and friends
Most people don’t know that… I was a court reporter for nearly twenty years.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?  How does a degree from Columbia College fit into those goals?: I see myself working with the senior population and securing a way to keep them in their homes as long as possible.
Who inspires you?: My friend, Diane.
When you’re not studying or fulfilling other obligations, how do you spend your leisure time?: Clipping coupons, volunteering, serving, and water aerobics.
What makes you laugh?: A good joke or funny email, and my kids.  They have infectious laughs.