Jan 9, 2012

Therese Matthys

Name: Therese Matthys
Grade Year: Senior
Degree: Bachelor’s
Major(s): Business Administration and Management
Hometown: Wonder Lake, IL
What’s the best thing about being a student at Columbia College?: Not only has Columbia College provided me an opportunity to receive my degree as a non-traditional student, it has afforded me the pleasure of meeting some really great people who have become good friends.
How do you serve your community, your college, or your country?: I serve on the Boogie team and participate in a focus group to help with recent improvements to the school's academic offerings.
If you could design a course at Columbia College for fun, what would it be called?: Marketing through Social Media Channels
What do you value most in life?: My family who has supported me through this journey.
Most people don’t know that…I’m a really shy person, but through my experience at Columbia College, I have been able to crawl out of my shell
Where do you see yourself in ten years? How does a degree from Columbia College fit into those goals?: In ten years I hope to grow into a professional position that allows me to travel internationally. My major in International Business will help me succeed in this effort.
Who inspires you?:  At my age there have been many people who have inspired me, such as my kids and my siblings. But for the past 23 years my husband has been a huge inspiration. Every day he wakes up and goes to work to support a family of seven. His work is very labor intensive and his hours extremely long, yet nothing stops him from going to work day after day. My hope is that his strong work ethic will be passed on not only to me, but to our five children as well.
When you’re not studying or fulfilling other obligations, how do you spend your leisure time?: My kids are involved in swimming and water polo, so that is where the bulk of my free time is spent.
What makes you laugh?: My sisters and friends make me laugh all the time. It’s always fun to get together with the girls and share stories about work or family.