Jan 3, 2012

Prajwal Shrestha

Name: Prajwal Shrestha
Grade Year: Senior
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major(s): Computer Information Systems
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
What’s the best thing about being a student at Columbia College?: Columbia College offers the best of the professors and an environment for a student to get motivated, to gain knowledge and succeed in their field of interests.  It is affordable and it has cooperative faculty members.
How do you serve your community, your college, or your country?; Every now and then, I try to donate small amounts of money to organizations like Red Cross for their missions to help people at large.  Whenever I encounter small children going to school, I ask them physics questions (e.g. “What are Newton’s three Laws of Motion?”).  I try to encourage them to study well in school so that later in life they will the opportunity to choose the profession they love.
If you could design a course at Columbia College for fun, what would it be called?: BCP 101: Baseball for Cricket Players
What do you value most in life?: Education, followed by a passion for the subject I’m learning, is definitely one thing I value most in life.  I also value innovation and research in the fields of science and technology, as it helps us explore the space we hardly understand.
Most people don’t know that… Every individual knows everything, if he/she listens to his/her inner voice (intuition), which many people don’t know or, quite possibly, don’t follow.  If they would, they would probably be more productive.  Imagine a community, society, state or a nation where every individual was productive and followed their dream.  What a perfect society it would be!
Where do you see yourself in ten years?  How does a degree from Columbia College fit into those goals?: Ten years from now I see myself doing research in the field of computer science and hopefully making innovative contributions to this wonderful world with wonderful people.  A degree from Columbia College would help me get employment as well as help me pursue my master’s degree and PhD.
Who inspires you?: My family inspires me to work hard to achieve my objectives in life.  When I encountered with Ayn Rand and her philosophy of life called Objectivism, it inspired me to be productive as an individual, like Howard Roark in her novel, “The Fountainhead.”  I’m inspired by our Founding Fathers and how they envisioned our nation with the freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I’m also inspired by many artists and many of their contributions, including Google, NASA, John Nash, Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs, you name it.
When you’re not studying or fulfilling other obligations, how do you spend your leisure time?: I work out in my leisure time.  I used to play cricket as a child and want to try baseball.
What makes you laugh?: The Conan O’Brien Show, Russel Peters, and a good sense of humor in every individual.