Aug 10, 2011

Columbia College Facts: Week 8

Here are five Columbia College facts we bet you didn't know!

1. 1925 student rules of behavior: No girl is allowed to go to the Western Union office, the barber shop, any doctor or dentist’s office or upstairs in any office building except with a chaperon.

2. 1925 student rules of behavior: Girls may go downtown alone each afternoon to approved eating places, shops, and beauty parlors, but they must wear hats and gloves.

3. In the late 1920s extra train car was added to the Centralia Comet to bring girls from Texas and Oklahoma to Christian College.

4. The first student recruiter, J. Kelly Wright, was hired in 1921. In his 20 years of service, he brought more students to the college than any other representative to date. In recognition of his efforts, the board established a scholarship his his memory.

5. When the girls arrived at Christian College, they brought their own napkin ring engraved with their name. The napkin rings were placed by their seat in the dining room.

Christian College students (date unknown)