Aug 3, 2011

Columbia College Facts: Week 7

We have five more Columbia College facts for you this week:

1. During World War I, overcrowding in St. Clair Hall forced Christian College girls into houses up and down Christian College Avenue.

2. Missouri Hall was built in a Tudor-Gothic architectural style and housed 110 girls when it was completed in 1920. The name “Missouri” was chosen to honor donors from all over the state.

3. Christian College had sororities until 1915 when President St. Clair Moss disbanded them because the intense competition was causing increasing malice among the girls. In its place began the Twelfth Night Club, an all-school activity that crowded 12 nights of festivities into one.

4. Edgar D. Lee, president form 1920-1935, was the First Christian College president to receive a salary rather than collect his pay from student tuition.

5. One of President Lee’s first acts as president was the purchase of the college’s first filing cabinet. Files had previously been kept in shoe boxes.

Missouri Hall Entrance