Dec 8, 2011

Student Profile: Betty Erickson

Name: Betty L. Erickson

Grade Year: Senior

Degree: Bachelor of Human Services

Major(s): Human Services

Hometown: St. Charles, IL

What’s the best thing about being a student at Columbia College: The flexibility of online courses and class schedules make it easy to complete degree requirements, and the quality of my teachers give my degree value. Also, the staff helps out when I’m not sure how to plan my schedule.

How do you serve your community, your college, or your country?: I serve my community in the position I hold within the social service agency where I work. I am also involved with a Kairos community, serving the incarcerated women in prison. In addition, I am going on a two-week mission trip to India.

If you could design a course at Columbia College for fun, what would it be called?: Enjoy Life

What do you value most in life?: Friends and family

Most people don’t know that…I am really quiet and shy.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? How does a degree from Columbia College fit into those goals?: I expect to still be working, possibly part-time as a Care Coordinator for the senior population. My degree from Columbia College will allow me to accomplish this goal, as it requires a Bachelor’s degree.

Who inspires you?: Creative, artistic people.

When you’re not studying or fulfilling other obligations, how do you spend your leisure time?: Enjoying my home and my two dogs.

What makes you laugh?: Watching my two dogs play together, and when people act silly.