Dec 19, 2011

Joseph Banaszek

Name: Joseph Banaszek
Grade Year: Senior
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major(s): Business Administration
Hometown: Rockledge, FL
What’s the best thing about being a student at Columbia College?: The fantastic faculty and staff. They are very supportive of active duty military and the special situations we face when deployed. They are all very flexible and ready to assist me regardless of where I am in the world.
How do you serve your community, your college, or your country?: I’m a Technical Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. I’ve served for almost eight years. In addition, I’m a block chief in my Neighborhood watch program.
If you could design a course at Columbia College for fun, what would it be called?: Common Sense for Today’s Society
What do you value most in life?: My family, health, and success.
Most people don’t know that… I’m a closet history buff and I’m addicted to TV shows that highlight the lifestyles of rich and successful people.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? How does a degree from Columbia College fit into those goals?: In ten years I will either be close to retirement from the military, or I will be eight years into my new career. My degree has started my path to my M.B.A. Should I leave service early, I hope to stay in government as a Contracting officer, which is my current duty title.
Who inspires you?: My grandfather, because to me he is superman.  I’m also inspired by my wife and kids, because they give me a reason to be better each day.
When you’re not studying or fulfilling other obligations, how do you spend your leisure time?: I love to surf, golf, and spend time bodybuilding at the gym—I’m a fitness fanatic.
What makes you laugh?: My children and good comedies.