Jul 27, 2011

Columbia College Facts: Week 6

Another week, another five facts about Columbia College:

1. St. Clair Hall originally contained administration offices, parlors, a library, art and kindergarten facilities, a dining room and three floors of dormitory rooms for 150 students.

2. Construction of Launer Auditorium began in 1902 but was halted due to lack of funds. It was completed in March of 1903. There are two shades of brick on the building as a testament to when work on the auditorium stopped and started again.

3. In 1908, Christian College students were allowed to attend their first University of Missouri football game. The girls wore caps and gown much like the traditional graduation attire whenever then were in public and marched to their special grandstand as the university boys stood at attention.

4. The Ivy Chain ceremony is believed to be among the oldest and most unique commencement traditions in the country. The first ceremony was in 1901.

5. In 1929, the words “Female” was dropped officially from the title of college. The name had not been used consistently from almost the very beginning of the college.

Ivy Chain participants (date unknown)