Jul 20, 2011

Columbia College Facts: Week 5

Want five more facts about your alma mater, Columbia College? Here they are:

1.There was a Columbia College founded in 1833 as a college for boys, located on South Sixth Street in Columbia. It is considered the immediate predecessor of the University of Missouri.

2. Although the Christian College founders supported the Christian Church, they explicitly stated in the charter that :"… into this institution, no sectarian feature has been incorporated, and in it no sectarian influence whatever will be exerted.” The term “Christian” was a unifying term for all believers.

3. Every student attending Christian College between 1884 and 1923 signed a Matriculation Record agreeing to the fallowing pledge: “I do most solemnly promise to obey all rules and regulations of Christian College during my connection where-with as pupil. I solemnly pledge my word and honor to render cheerful and ready obedience to each and every teacher, to be diligent in all my duties and to be at all times respectful and courteous to the president and members of the faculty.”

4. Every junior and senior was required to join the Martha Washington Institute in order to graduate. Founded in 1857, the Martha Washington Institute was established to develop creative writing and speaking skills.

5. In 1890, the famous African-American concert pianist J. W. “Blind” Boone from Columbia, MO., loaned Christian College $2,000 to help finance the completion of the chapel and to purchase desks and opera chairs for the auditorium.

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