Jul 6, 2011

Columbia College Facts: Week 3

We have five more Columbia College facts for you this week:

1. James Shannon, Thomas M. Allen and D. Pat Henderson were the founding fathers of Christian College in 1851.

2. In the early years of the college, finances were confusing so the presidents received most of the tuition and were responsible for paying faculty and staff, feeding the students, placing furnishings in the buildings, developing the college library and assisting with building maintenance.

3. On January 18, 1851 Christian Female College was granted its charter from the Missouri Legislature to make it the first women’s college west of the Mississippi River.

4. When Williams Hall was restored in the 1960’s, the college discovered heavy layers of ivy had eaten into the brick exterior, and generations of bees had attached themselves to the warm walls. As a result, honey dripped from the walls and ceiling on warm days for several years afterwards.

5. In 1851, Christian College purchased Williams Hall along with 29 acres for $5,500 from Dr. James H. Bennett, who left in 1850 for the California Gold Rush.

Williams Hall (taken in 1873)