Jun 24, 2011

Columbia College Facts: Week 1

For the next ten weeks, we will be sharing 51 Columbia College facts with you. You'd be surprised what you will learn about your beloved alma mater.

John Augustus Williams, first president of Columbia (Christian) College

1. Sallie Bedford, Emma Gordon, Adeline Jones, Emma Jameson, Sarah Reeds and Martha Shirley were the first women to graduate from Christian College in 1853.

2. John Augustus Williams was the first president of Christian College.

3. According to legend, a Christian College student fell in love with a Confederate soldier who secretly visited her at the college. But Union sentinels killed him as he left campus one night. The young girl, torn with grief, threw herself from the third story of Williams Hall. Many claim to have seen her spirit roaming the corridors. They called her the “Grey Lady.”

4. Volleyball, Softball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball and Soccer are the 5 Columbia College sports.

5. A $5 million donation was asked by a donor for the naming right of Christian College in  1969.